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Okanogan Conservation District: Cooperative Conservation Since 1940

Our mission is to help cooperators achieve their conservation goals. We provide voluntary, non-regulatory services to landowners and lessees in Okanogan County to address natural resource concerns.
All District services are provided free of charge without discrimination. The Okanogan Conservation District is a local governmental entity formed as a sub-division of Washington State under RCW 89.08. 

Click above for resources to help with post-fire impacts such as flash flooding.

News & Events

  • 10/25/16

    Don't Burn It, Drop It Off! For Free!


    WHAT: A FREE community yard-waste drop-off event offered as an alternative to outdoor burning. 


    WHERE: The Twisp transfer station, off Twisp Airport Rd. 



    Saturday, 10/29,  9-4

    Tuesday, 11/1, 10-4

    Thursday, 11/3, 10-4

    Saturday, 11/5, 9-4



    Why is this event being held?

    The Methow Valley Clean Air Project is working to improve the quality of winter air (Oct.-Mar) related to the use of wood stoves and outdoor burning. In the Methow Valley each year, smoke from these sources results in a predictable decline in air quality made worse by winter temperatures and inversions. Poor air quality effects all of us, but children, the elderly, and those with breathing problems can be most harmed. 


    What can I drop-off?

    We are providing this service as an alternative to burning yard waste. A drop-box will be at the Twisp transfer station and available during business hours for participants to SELF-UNLOAD leaves (OK if bagged), grass, bark, weeds, brush, branches, or small trees no larger than 6 inches in diameter. 


    Will someone help me unload?

    Possibly. We are seeking volunteers to have on-site. Saturdays are the most likely times someone can assist. Otherwise, you may either need to walk your loads into a dumpster, or potentially lift them over a 7’ tall side.


    Will you do this again?

    We are running this pilot drive this fall to determine community participation and desire for this to become an annual event, such as the metal drive.  We hope to avert the burning of up to 6 tons of vegetative material, and avoid more than 600 hours of smoke pollution in this first event.


    Who helped make this happen?  

    The Methow Valley Clean Air Project was funding for this event by the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Air Quality and Waste-to-Resources programs. Additional support came from the Methow Valley Citizen’s Council, WasteWise, and the Methow Vally Long Term Recovery Organization. 


  • 10/14/16

    2016 Natural Resources Survey

    The Okanogan Conservation District works collaboratively with land managers to care for the natural resources of Okanogan County. Every 5 years, Okanogan CD develops a strategic plan to best meet the natural resource needs of our county and its residents. Your input in this process is important and helpful to us.

    All survey respondants are eligible to enter a drawing to win a $25 gift certificate to one of the following local businesses: Rawson's, The Breadline Cafe, or Methow Cycle and Sport. Go to to share your two cents!


  • 09/16/16

    Firewise workshop September 24 Winthrop


  • 08/16/16

     To register follow this link.


  • 07/06/16


  • 07/01/16

    For every $1 collected through its Assessment, the Okanogan Conservation District leverages just over $7 in private, local, state and federal grant funds, and landowner cost share. These are dollars that are spent right here, in Okanogan County. 

    Okanogan CD is seeking to renew the local funding currently collected through an assessment. You can learn more at You are also invited to attend the public hearing and meeting scheduled for July 19.


  • 05/13/16







    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received by the Okanogan Conservation District (hereinafter the District), 1251 South 2nd Ave, Room 102, Okanogan, Washington until 2:00 P.M. (Pacific Daylight Time), Friday, June 3, 2016, for the following:


    Phase 1, Okanogan Complex Fires Emergency Watershed Protection


    Bid proposals submitted by mail shall be addressed to:


    Okanogan Conservation District

           1251 South 2nd Ave, Room 102

           Okanogan, Washington 98840


    Bid proposals can also be submitted in person at the above address or via email at


    The Okanogan Conservation District Board of Supervisors did declare a state of emergency exists due to the impacts of the Carlton Complex Fire and the Okanogan Complex Fires.  This threat extends to the imminent threat of flash floods, mud slides, and other such hydrologic emergencies that could cause severe damage and destruction to lives and property.  This declaration was made through Okanogan Conservation District resolution 2014-04 and again in Okanogan Conservation District resolution 2015-02 which are on file at the District office.  Solicitations for the work described in this request for bids are made under and by these declarations.


    All bid proposals submitted by a contractor (“Bidder”) shall be accompanied by a bid proposal deposit in certified check, cashier’s check, or surety bond in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the amount of such bid proposal.  Should successful bidder fail to enter into a contract within the time stated, the bid proposal deposit shall be forfeited to the District.


    Each bidder will be provided a copy of the Contract Documents for bidding purposes upon request. Please email Bob Clark at to receive a copy. 

    The award of contract, if awarded, will be made to the lowest responsible bidder deemed responsive by the District, whose bid conforms to the requirements of the Contract Documents, and whose past record of performance on work of similar complexity and magnitude indicates that said bidder is qualified to carry out the obligations of the contract and to complete the work contemplated therein.  Specifically, the amount of the bid, as well as the responsiveness and responsibility criteria will be reviewed.  There are both required criteria and supplemental criteria established by the District.  Compliance with both required and supplemental responsibility criteria may be requested in writing by the District and is due within 2 days of the bid date and time.  In addition, as a condition of the award, the bidder must agree to verify that all subcontractors are also in compliance with the “responsibility” criteria as specified in RCW 36.06.


    As a condition of submitting a bid for the project, bidders and sub bidders, as applicable, agree to comply fully with requirements for nondiscrimination and employment of minorities per the laws of the State of Washington and other applicable State and Federal laws, as well as abide by TERO rules as they may apply for the portion of work to be done within the boundaries of the Colville Indian Reservation.


    The work description for which bids will be received is found in the attached Bids, Schedule, Drawing, and Specs document.  The Engineer’s cost estimate for the project is $70,000 to $115,000.


    This project is considered protection of life and property project.  Portions of this project are funded by groups or agencies whose focus is conservation of natural resources and efforts of the Contractor on this project shall be mindful of these interests.  Quality and timely completion of the finished project is of high value to the District and the funding groups and agencies, and the property owners.  Time is of the essence to this agreement.  The Contractor is expected to make every effort possible to meet the requirements of the permits previously obtained, or work with the District on necessary modifications.  Failure to do so can be grounds for termination of this contract.


    DATED this 13th Day of May, 2016 at Okanogan, Washington.


     (Original signature in file)



    District Manager, Okanogan Conservation District, Contracting Officer


    Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: 

    A mandatory pre bid conference and site visits are scheduled for Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 9 a.m. at the OKANOGAN CONSERVATION DISTRICT office (1251 South 2nd Ave, Room 102, Okanogan, WA 98840).  If one or fewer firms are present for this pre-bid conference, the District reserves the right to close this solicitation and re-advertise the request for bids.  This decision will be made only to ensure fair and equitable use of public funds and the desire to have a competitive bid process.