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Irrigation Programs

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Inefficient irrigation costs you money.

The Okanogan Conservation District can help you keep money in your wallet and water on your fields.

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Save Water Save Energy

Cost-share (rebates) for eligible equipment upgrades.

If you need to repair or replace parts of your irrigation system, this program may be the one for you.

Funding is limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. 


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Irrigation Efficiencies

Have you always suspected that you could deliver water to your crop more efficiently and at a lower cost? This program can help you figure out how to lower energy and labor inputs.

Technical assistance is available. Cost-share for project installation may be possible.



Contact us to find out which programs are right for you!

Call or email us for more information. Programs require a site visit to determine eligibility and to develop appropriate conservation plans. All District programs are free of charge, voluntary and non-regulatory. You choose what recommended conservation practices to implement on your property.

Not sure if your project idea is a fit for one of the above programs? Contact us anyway! We may be able to find other funding or refer you to other resources.