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Okanogan Conservation District provides assistance

to landowners and lesees in Okanogan County*

 We provide three main types of support:

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Technical Assistance

Our staff have local expertise in a wide range of topics to help you adopt Best Management Practices for agricultural and natural resource projects. 




Like any investment, implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) can be expensive up front. Some of our programs include funding to help make these projects happen.

In many cases, landowners can receive 50% - 75% cost share to implement BMPs.  

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We offer presentations, hands-on learning opportunities, and service projects for youth and adults on a wide range of natural resource topics.  

We provide programs and services free of charge thanks to grant funding from a variety of sources. Click a link below to get more information on the program areas currently available to serve you:

Backyards and Small Farms

Education and Outreach

Energy Efficiency




Plant Sale

Rivers, Creeks, and Lakes


* Parcels must be located within Conservation District boundaries. Several incorporated towns in the county have not yet opted into the District. Special arrangements are required for these properties.

Additional services

Mediate Regulatory Complaints

If you have been contacted by the Washington State Department of Ecology regarding water quality violations, you may request our assistance. Working with the District to implement recommended practices may protect you from very costly fines.

Our assistance typically includes a site visit to identify the source of the water quality problem or potential problem, discussing the landowner’s natural resource management goals, and identifying possible actions for the landowner to choose from to eliminate or prevent the problem.

The District has no regulatory authority and does not enforce water quality laws, and may only assist landowners by their direct request.

Coordinated Resource Management: Resolving Resource Conflicts

Managing complex natural resources can be complicated. The Okanogan Conservation District is available to facilitate Coordinated Resource Management, a process by which landowners, users, and related interest groups work together as a team from beginning to end to formulate and implement plans for the management of all major resources within a specific area and/or resolve specific conflicts.

Coordinated Resource Management is a voluntary, non-regulatory process that makes decisions via consensus.